How much can you earn online using Google Sniper 3.0 ?

The affiliate sites you will be building with George Brown’s affiliate marketing strategy Google Sniper 3.0 are based on a main keyword, that you rigorously choose once you picked the niche market you are going in and the product you are promoting. Let’s make some conservative estimates to see how much you can earn from a single affiliate site you built using the Google Sniper system.

Let’s say the average site’s main keyword gets 5 000 searches a month on Google, which is a criteria you can actually use to select this keyword. And let’s say you rank fairly high up on page one and 30% of those visitors visit your web site. That’s 1 500 visitors a month. Now let’s assume that you also get 500 visitors a month for variations of that main keyword and the associated keywords, which is something that usually happens on Google.

If you assume that 1% of the visitors that come to your site (you’ll probably see closer to a 2-3% conversion rate) actually click your affiliate link and buy the product in question : 1% of 2 000 visitors = 20 buyers.

And if we say that you earn a pretty average commission of $30 per sale for a Click Bank product, that means that the SINGLE, “4 hours to make” affiliate site will make you $600 a month, every month for the foreseeable future.

If every site made $600 a month – some will make more and some will make less – you’d only need 17 of these affiliate sites to make $10 000 a month or $120,000 a year, for more or less 70 hours of work.

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